The Importance of Personal Branding

The practice of marketing people and their careers as brands is called Personal branding

Personal branding is a way of building your reputation and putting it out for the world so that people know about you.

A personal brand is the building block that makes things much easier for you and will lead to great success for your future. It can help you reach any number of goals, both personal and professional. A good personal brand helps in getting in Better Jobs, Internships, partnerships, Investing opportunities and many more.

Benefits of Personal Branding

Trust And Authority

Having a personal brand helps to build trust with your audience, and position you as an authority and a thought leader in your industry. When a personal brand is successfully established, the products that follow this brand are much more likely to succeed on the market. Consumers associate many products they want with their favorite singers, movie stars and other celebrities, influencing their purchase often without even sampling them first.

Building Your Network

A good personal brand makes it easier for other people to see value in connecting with you. You can leverage your personal brand to build your network, both online and offline, quickly and effectively. Your network is your NET WORTH and a personal brand goes a long way in helping you get connected and build your network.

Get Preffereable Clients

Building a personal brand that positions you as an expert in a specific industry or niche helps you to attract ideal clients. When you’re positioned as an expert, it’s also easier for people to refer clients to you.

Stand Out in Competition

A personal brand is a great way to demonstrate your skills and knowledge about a particular subject or field. Building a brand is your chance to show your audience what you know and why you know it, and it will help set you apart from others who might be vying for the same opportunities but who haven’t taken the time to build their own personal brand.

Personal Branding Funnel

Awareness -> Credibility – > Reputation -> Fame

First Awareness has to come. This is achieved by engaging people on social media by posting quality content.

The next step is Credibility. Once you have a few success stories to show and have social proof to establish your credentials you should advertise yourself to gain credibility.

Sustained Credibility gives you Reputation. Reputation is strong, unshakeable and rooted.

Reputation over a period of time gives you fame. Fame is the ultimate and everything becomes easy once you have fame. People will reach out to you, would like to associate with you and you can lead life your choice.

How do you build your  Personal Brand

Be Authentic

Authenticity is like a super-magnet pulling people to your brand. Be 100 % you. Fake people do not last and fizzle out quickly. Let the passion in what you are doing to help people shine through in every interaction you have.

Create Your Own Path

Create Your Own Path and not tread on a path already there. Be true to yourself and do what you feel is the best no matter what, don’t let others change you. Don’t allow your wounds to transform you into someone you are not

Focus on a Niche

Be a master of one and not a Jack of all goes an old saying. It is much more beneficial to dig a hole 100 feet deep and 1 foot wide than digging a hole 1 foot deep and 100 feet wide. Having deep knowledge on a niche has more value than being a generalist.

Advertise Yourself

The best known will always beat the best. If you are good at something then it is the utmost importance to advertise yourself. If nobody knows you then there is no way of contacting you. Post quality content across all social media platforms consistently. Comment on other posts on social media. Share your success stories on social media platforms. Encourage your customers to write a review on their experience in working with you

Be Persistent

 Do not be a one post wonder .Persistent Efforts give compounded efforts over a period of time.Create and Share authentic content on a regular basis without being overtly  aggressive.Keep a target of getting at least one more like and share than the previous posting.

Unique Identity

It is always good to invest in your own property and not invest time in building your dreams on someone else property. Having a brand identity, logo, website, custom e-mail id, a consistent color scheme across platform helps in branding.

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