Customer Avatar – Its Importance

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Background Philosophy.

Marketing is all about Communication and Conversations and these are more effective when they are one to one rather than one to many. People with whom you converse and communicate maybe our friend/neighbor/classmate/hostel mate/relative or a total stranger, but we converse freely and frankly with them only when there is a wavelength match between us. The Wavelength match may be because of shared habits or hobbies, similar ideas, interests or wants, maybe residing in a similar geographical location or maybe in the same age group. When the wavelength match we identify with each other, closeness develops which ensures free and a frank talk.(effective communication)

Customer Avatar

A Fictional representation(model/prototype) of a person who is most likely to be your customer is your Customer Avatar and can be considered to be a representative of your target market.
A Customer Avatar is created from a group of prospective customers by ‘collecting and collating’  data on their demographic and psychographic.

Benefits of having an Avatar

  • Having a customer avatar helps you to know your customers better and suit your products and services to their needs, winning their confidence leading, to their acquisition.
  • Having an avatar helps in addressing core issues instead of creating generic content, influencing customers to make their move from just reading the content to connecting with you. A very important step in customer acquisition.
  • Knowing the preference and challenges of your prospective customer will help in creating  content(Blogs, Videos, Podcasts, Lead Magnets) addressing their desires, goals, problems  enabling a positive connection with them facilitating their acquisition
  • You may make the best product in the world at the most competitive price but if you do not know your target market. you are going nowhere.

Tips For Communicating with your Avatar

  1. To be an effective communicator in any walk of life you have to be authentic. Although there may be a few who are averse to your being authentic, a majority would love you when you are your original self and not behave/act like someone else.
  2. People with more real life experience are better marketers. One way to develop real-life experience is to do new activities all the time. Put efforts to do things for which you have an aversion/fear. Examples of new activities could be Solo Travel to overcome fear. Learn a new Software Language to overcome technology aversion, Learn to Play a guitar.
  3. Although Marketers need to converse with the to masses, the communication is never in halls or auditoriums, rather the content is consumed privately in mobiles/ laptops/desktops.Hence marketing  content which is to be consumed should preferably be one on one (conversational) communication.
  4. Good Marketing Content should begin with a catchy headline tempting the reader to go through the content.The content has to be tempting enough for the reader to take action(clicking a button / filling a form).

Analogy to a Movie Script Writer

You could have seen in interviews with Movie Director/scriptwriters who often say that they had a particular star in mind when they wrote the movie script. Most movie scripts are written with a popular movie star in mind. The Scriptwriter writes the script taken into consideration the brand image of the star, his strengths, his weakness, his fan following, etc. Similarly for a Digital Marketer, the Customer Avatar is akin to the hero for the scriptwriter. You should write a content taken into the needs & necessities, likes, dislinks of the Avatar who is the representative of your target market. Your content would be crisp and sharp if you had an Avatar(Hero) in your mind.

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