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Angular is one of the most modern, performance-efficient and powerfull JavaScript based framework for building dyname web applications.It is an ideal choice when the there is a high level of interactivity and the applcations is presented to the user as a single seamless page (like a mobile app)

  • Angular is Component based and the Component based architecture ensures a strict hierarchy of components that provides a higher quality of code.
  • Angular command-line interface is favored by many engineers for various reasons. It’s easy to set up, newcomer-friendly, comes with testing tooling out of the box, simple commands, and more.
  • Angular was developed with the mobile-first approach in mind. Hence the codebase and ultimately the engineering skillset is shared across the web, iOS, and Android applications.
  • Angular is Google backed project and Google has announced a long term support for the project.

Based on the above factors Angular is likely to become a premier platform for long-term and heavy-investment enterpise projects where a steep learning curve is compensated for by stability and ongoing