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    Mobile devices are amongst one of the most heavily used accessories in modern human life, and many businesses develop apps for these devices to enhance their brand visibility, increase customer reach, provide post-sales support

    Mobile apps are a great way to send notifications, advertisement messages, and promotional rewards to customers who are on the move

    Native Apps are mobile application which is developed bearing a single platform in mind. An app developed from the IOS environment would not be available on PlayStore and vice-versa.

    Native Apps are mobile a Native Apps are predominantly built using Swift programming language using Xcode Editor for IOS and Java wrote using Android Studio for Android.

    As Native apps are platform-specific they offer the best performance, can work offline, incorporate gestures and have access to all device features like Compass, GPS, Accelerometer.

    Native Apps are more secure and a great way to guarantee reliable data protection for the users.

    At SriniS we develop Native Apps for the Android Platform. Market Share of Android Phones exceeds 80% of all mobile phones worldwide, and Apps can be developed for more than 1.5 billion active users.