Creative & Custom Solutions

from Concept to Completion
SriniS Software is a Chennai, South India based Web and Mobile development company. The Company primarly focuses on Responive Web Develoment, Android & Hybrid Mobile Application and Shopping Sites , PHP / Angular Development for start ups and small Business. Over the years SriniS Software has evolved as a reliable souce of high quality, informative, graphic rich website designs delighting many a clientlee.
WordPress Development

Besides being favoured by the search engines on the SERP’s, WordPress offers the great advantage of being updated on the move without  the need of any file transfers.

Shopping (e-Commerce) Sites

Shopping is made easier and convenient around the clock  for the customer through internet, where merchants can sell their wares through their own website or through third party shopping portals.

Mobile Development

Being mobile is not just about having a mobile friendly website. It means connecting with on-the-go customers and employees and helping them to connect with the business.

Backend PHP Development

Having the ability to get easily embedded in HTML codes, while having a lean learning curve, PHP is among the favorites for Back end Web Development. 

Angular Development
Angular is open source Java Script based framework for building front end user interfaces.Angular is an ideal choice when the requirement is a Single Page Application